MIT Ventureships Club is providing a great opportunity for you to gain experience in both entrepreneurship and leadership!

Every semester, our club works with MIT Venture Mentoring Service to launch a Ventureships Program. In this program, we interview and select 4~5 early stage MIT start-ups as well as 10~20 MIT students. The students will work closely with the CEOs on market research, fund raising, technology development, etc, all of which are essential to the start-ups.

join Executive board

We are recruiting new members into our executive board.

Position Info And Requirements:

  1. According to club regulation, new member will start as Program Coordinators. 
  2. Program Coordinator description: 
  • Will join a team in the Ventureships Program and work on the CEO's project together with other  students in the team. 3~5 hours/week.
  • Will coordinate the students and CEO in his/her team as the representative of the Club.
  • Responsible directly to the President. 
  • Can take on other positions such as Treasurer, Vice President, Publicity Director, etc.
  • Will be present in the video of the Club, which will be posted in all our promotion tools.
  • Will get a certificate at the end of semester.
  • Possible opportunities to be further involved in the start-up he/she works with.

If you are enthusiastic about entrepreneurship, don't hesitate to join us!

Application for Executive board (for students)

Name *
e.g. PhD, Course 6, 2013

General application for students

This is a concentrated and privileged 1-semester program intended to serve the MIT entrepreneurship community. We will select early stage MIT start-ups based on your project proposals and availability at MIT. Each selected start-up will interview the students and have 2-5 MIT students to work with the co-founders on specific projects. In the past 10 years, we have served more than 60 MIT start-ups, and many of the students in the program later became partners/co-founders/employee of the companies they work with.

The general application for students WILL OPEN ON OCTOBER 4TH, AFTER KICKOFF EVENT.