Xtecher becomes our strategic partner


Xtecher believes in creating a better world by unleashing the vast potential of hidden and captive technologies.  We do this by providing new technologies and startups a platform for connecting with Chinese customers and investors through the use of multimedia. 

Innovators, engineers, and entrepreneurs can showcase their work to an evolving global audience within China’s most dynamic industries - from manufacturing to agriculture.  Technologies that were previously confined to the lab or a small use case can finally tap into a massive and growing market within China and find commercialization opportunities. 

Xtecher has already extended its reach to more than 50 countries (such as China, the U.S., Germany, Israel, and the U.K.) and has forged strategic partnerships with leading universities, research institutions, think tanks, investment funds, and Chinese tech companies. 

Xtecher has become the go-to platform among a new generation of entrepreneurs, innovators, and technologists.  We strive to become the most influential platform for promoting a global scientific and technological revolution.

For solution, start with X.

If you have a high tech project that you wish to showcase, Xtecher will offer free video shooting and production services to host on xtecher.com.  Please email xtecher.public@xtecher.com to apply for video shooting services.

Website: www.xtecher.com

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