Learning by Doing


MIT Ventureships Club provides a great opportunity for early stage startups to get connected with eager and motivated students to work on a semester-long volunteer project. We seek companies that are committed to working closely with MIT students and providing entrepreneurial mentorship by sharing experiences and lessons learned while building your venture. 

Every semester, our club works with the MIT Venture Mentoring Service to launch a program where we interview and select 4-5 early stage MIT startups as well as 10-20 MIT students to collaborate together. The students will work closely with the CEOs and founding team to tackle projects related to market research, technology development, fund raising, and much more. 



Ventureships program

Our Ventureships Program provides students opportunities to work closely with CEOs of MIT start-ups in a project. 


Explore opportunities to work in excellent start-ups, for full-time, part-time, internship, volunteer, and more.


Explore the events hosted by Ventureships Club, including entrepreneurs social, marketing and legal seminars, and more.

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